About Us


Eureka is a new kind of Cosmetics Company. Revitalizing beauty for your skin and hair to create premium products that make you feel natural, beautiful and you.

By Eureka we have seen the future and it’s cosmetics-shaped .This is something we feel extremely passionate about , being a good and hard worker is amazing , but sometimes we must be a little bit selfish and take care of ourselves , to invest in your appearance and most important yourself .

Eureka’s beliefs are simple , to prevent the signs of aging by using the finest and most natural products in exact accordance eureka code.

By the standard for argan oil cosmetics both in the UAE and Morocco, we look forward to raising the bar further with our exclusive and new ranges.


Eureka’s ingredients

The most important and precious ingredient is Argan fruits and how they are collected and squeezed , as we make it clear that each and every kernel inside the Argan nut should be carefully inspected by hand for stability  .

By using the very highest quality of Argan seeds, we ensure that the end product contains the full essential moisture and strength of its natural ingredients.

However, these efforts can be completely ruined if the products are not stored or transported in the correct form. After a long time and effort of searching, we suggest to manufacture eureka’s bottle with the right environment and good quality with eureka’s Moroccan touch.


It’s a cosmetics adventure! 

Today we are tend to create the finest and luxurious products from the argan oil, using very high techniques of production and storage. Eureka is the secret behind what we do.

Eureka the most colorful name in cosmetics